Sousaphone "Video of the Month " Archive - Funny and Amazing Sousaphone Videos


1/21/2010 - Close encounters of the low brass kind - From Ohio State University marching band's Script Ohio routine on September 12, 2009 ...

Moral of the story: NEVER get in the way of a man wielding a big, brass instrument during a precision marching band routine!

The "Tubaphiles" - the UNCG ( University of North Carolina at Greensboro) summer music camp faculty and staff tuba ensemble - led by low brass educator and performer Dr. Dennis "Doc" AsKew on Sousa, performing "Walk the Dinosaur".

Some excellent tuba/euphonium resources can be found on Dr. AsKew's site at


Beatboxing on a Sousa? Better believe it, and some awesome multiphonics too. This is the Dallas Brass (performing at the Napa Valley Opera House), featuring Nat McIntosh on solo sousaphone with a tune entitled "The Warrior Comes Out to Play". It ROCKS - Enjoy!


Playing the sousaphone in costume ... and on stilts! This the UK's Poles Apart Stilts Co. Ltd - a "walking stilts band" that plays party favorites, disco, dixieland and the Beatles on a bizarre combination of sousaphone, saxophone(s), banjo and percussion - and somehow they make it work! They've performed for such notables as the Queen, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Richard Branson, and at events including the Athens Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Founder Ian Harris is on Sousa. Learn more about the Poles Apart Stilts Co at



Don't mess with the low brass!