The largest producers of sousaphones today are C. G. Conn and King (originally owned by H. N. White), Jupiter and King. Most modern sousaphones are 3 valve BBb (double b-flat) instruments - if you are buying a sousaphone for a school band student, this is what you should buy, unless told otherwise by your instructor. Eb sousaphones are still common in parts of Europe. Sousaphones with 4 valves are less popular than the 3 valve models, due to their additional cost and significantly greater weight (nearly twice the weight of a 3-valve sousaphone) but are still being manufactured by Miraphone - a German band instrument company.

Most of the sousaphones on this page are available in several finishes (silver, lacquer, satin...) and you can purchase the instrument only or select a package which includes a case and/or stand. See item details for specifics.